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It's a Young World

"This dynamism is the basis of our claim to being the 'young-world' company, the company that is responding to a real world, and not merely the echoes of its own self-satisfied past."


Life on the Beach

No one could have predicted the ways the shifting economy of the late 1970s and early 1980s was about to affect the company. With inflation rates soaring, Pacific Mutual had to find ways to stay relevant with its products and procedures.


Ready for Action

Pacific Mutual was venturing into other far-sighted territories as well, especially with its subsidiaries and investments.


A Whale of a Time

A new structure meant a new name, Pacific Life, and a new advertising campaign to announce the change. The company also had the chance to introduce the new brand identity it had been working on.

Unusual Donation Makes a Big Difference

Pacific Life has worked with the United Way and its predecessor organizations since 1932.

Calling All Ideas

The Ideas and Answers program gave employees an opportunity to make suggestions about improving operations or to ask questions about how or why the company functions as it does.

Before Podcasts, Radio KOKO Kept Agents in the Know

The entertaining format was an instant hit among producers, eager for the newest trends, products, news and sales tips.

High-Dollar Sales Drive Marches into Pacific Life History

Upon his retirement in February of 1963, it was the field force that repaid his affection in kind, setting up a sales drive—"March for 'Robbie'"—to see him off before he and his wife left on a cruise for Spain.

A 10-Year Overnight Success

Early leaders helped lead PIMCO to incredible success.

New Life Policy Edition

"You will note the clear, direct language which avoids all legalistic, negative, or technical terms. All essential technical terms are defined in layman's language. All awkward and cumbersome sentence structure has been avoided."

Welcoming the Future with UNIVAC

The new system cost $2 million, weighed 20 tons, contained over 200 miles of wiring, and was capable of processing and updating over 300,000 policies every day.

Moving into Century II

Pacific Mutual was destined from the beginning to meet the challenge of change.

The Four and a Half Second Miracle

The development team envisioned ANET providing a number of services, including "a mailbox on computer" that could send memos between agencies in the same day.

The Original Good Guy

Few employees in company history have embodied Pacific Life's values quite like Guy Baker.

Newport Beach: A Space-Age Statement

The future headquarters was designed by William Pereira, the visionary behind the Los Angeles County Art Museum, the Huntington Harbor master plan, and University of California, Irvine.

The 1000% Increase

Pacific Mutual's streamlined product offered something that its competitors did not: expanded health benefits. Sales exploded.

One for the Win Column

Pacific Mutual Life leaped at the opportunity to acquire the former First Capital Life Insurance of San Diego, which would increase its assets by about one-third and doubled its policyowner base.

Good Guys to the Rescue

Staff members had participated in volunteer activities for years, but a formal organization could engage more employees and provide access to more opportunities.

A Foundation for the Future

The Foundation was created by Chairman and CEO Walter Gerken and SVP of Public Affairs Bob Haskell to formalize the donations that Pacific Mutual was already giving to the community.

PIMCO: An Underdog Makes Good

In the early 1970s, PIMCO found it difficult to compete with other asset managers with name recognition, who could rely on their track records to attract new business.

"A Classic Win-Win-Win"

Changing its career agent model was a major risk for Pacific Mutual, but the company's leaders knew it had to change in order to grow.

Life in the HOV Lane

In addition to benefiting employees, the rideshare program also benefits Pacific Life, which sees increased camaraderie among people who get to know each other while they commute.

You, Too, Can GOWI!

In the 1980s, a theme emerged: "Get On With It"-or GOWI-whether you're dealing with successes or challenges.

Pacific Life and the United Way: "They Have their Finger on the Pulse"

United Way stands out because of its ability to identify and quickly address the most pressing needs in its communities—thanks in no small part to the assessment it started conducting in the 1980s.

Fly the ACG Skies!

ACG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Life, became one of the top aircraft leasing companies in the world with its purchase of Boullioun Aviation Services, which doubled the size of the company.

Great Customer Service: We'll Put It in Writing

When Pacific Mutual made variable annuities a separate division in 1993, it had an exceptional team and a great product. Success seemed likely, but the group knew it could differentiate itself further in the marketplace in one other area: service.

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